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Guarantee of acquired knowledge

Guarantee of acquired knowledge

The Guarantee of acquired knowledge allows all participants in our courses to repeat a completed course free of charge.

Why Guarantee of acquired knowledge?

Each person is unique and therefore each participant appreciates a different approach, a different lecturer, other colleagues, different environment, different speed etc. Despite a predetermined curriculum and the level of initial knowledge, there are often different types of students in training courses in terms of expertise, age, levels of comprehension, speed, etc. Our lecturers are experienced professionals with highly developed teaching skills and individual approach, but it is not always possible to attend to every participant individually during group courses. Therefore, it can happen at any time that any of the participants, who completed a computer course, does not fully understand a certain part of the subject. No one can guarantee its customers hundred percent effective training. However, we decided to add one of the ways to eliminate this factor and provide clients with the highest efficiency of training and therefore also their maximum satisfactions to our standard range of services. It is the Guarantee of acquired knowledge.

How does the Guarantee of acquired knowledge work?

If any participant, who has completed a course, feels that they did not fully understand the subject or that it could be beneficial for the participant to repeat the course and practice the subject some more, then it is appropriate to use the opportunity of repeated participation in training courses! The Training Centre of PC-DIR Real, s. r. o. gives all its customers this opportunity and it’s completely free! If your company uses our training services in computer technology, it can be certain with a guaranteed investment of funds in education.

Guarantee of acquired knowledge for companies:

Are you concerned that you are investing resources in training of your IT specialists who will then leave your company with obtained know-how? We have good news for you. Since 2004, we newly provide companies with the possibility of free training of new specialists. If a participant, who has completed our course, leaves your company within three months, we will train their successor for free.

Offering of hotline consultation and customer support:

Another of our services to customers is free basic support for participants, who have completed our courses, in the form of consultation and resolution of minor problems over the phone. Call us, our staff and external lecturers are happy to spend time with your and they will try to help you. In the event of more complex problems, we will provide additional support directly at the customer’s site at a discounted price through our knowledgeable lecturers and experts.

Conditions for the use of the Guarantee of acquired knowledge:

We do not have any special conditions. All you need to do is request the use of the Guarantee of acquired knowledge within 6 months after completion of the course. The date of repeated training must be agreed with employees of the Training Centre of PC-DIR Real, s. r. o. who will give the client an opportunity to repeat the given course. It is not possible to use the Guarantee of acquired knowledge for upgrading to a higher version of the trained product. A participant in a repeated course does not qualify for free lunches or another professional publication or manual for the training. The Guarantee of acquired knowledge applies to all standard computer technology courses of the Training Centre of PC-DIR Real, s. r. o.