Rental of Computer Labs

Rental of Computer Labs

PC-DIR Real, s. r. o. offers its customers rental of attractive teaching and presentation spaces in the new company building in Brno city centre. The modern computer and projection technology, as well as quality facilities for participants in the lectures or training are guaranteed. Classrooms for 12 students with the equipment described below and facilities included in the rental price are available to you:

Classroom equipment: All computer labs are equipped with LCD monitors, branded keyboards and laser mice. In addition, there is a PC in the classrooms with any of the following configurations.

PC Set 1: INTEL Core i5-2500 4×3.3GHz, 20 GB RAM, 2x500GB HDD RAID0, 2x GigE LAN

PC Set 2: INTEL Core i5-661 2×3.33GHz, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, 2x GigE LAN

PC Set 3: INTEL Core2Quad-Q6600 4×2,4GHz, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, 2x GigE LAN

Projector: Screen, 3M projector with XGA resolution 1024-768 and higher, whiteboard, or even a flip chart.

Refreshments: Coffee, tea, mineral water, biscuits, candies.
Upon request, we will make a reservation and obtain vouchers for lunch in some of nearby high-quality restaurants, e.g. U Měděné pánve.

Internet: Internet connection with guaranteed speed of 30/30 mbps.

References: In terms of rental of classrooms, we are glad that our customers come back to us thanks to their satisfaction and recommend us to their partners. These are, for example, the following companies: IBM ČR, Kegler Consulting, INFORM CZ, Computer Help, Insight Strategy, CSMap, Aisoft, Baader Computer, ABC Systems etc.

Price of rental of a classroom for 12 students is CZK 5,500 per day without 21% VAT.

Not included in the price: lunch, installation of special software, accommodation.

For training in computer technology, we are able to provide the actual training through our experienced lecturers under very attractive price conditions. Other conditions for provided services, including pricing options, can be agreed individually.