TCL language - advanced
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TCL language - advanced (TCL2)

This course introduces students to advanced techniques of programming in TCL. It build on knowledge of the previous course TCL1: TCL language - the basics of programming and extends the knowledge of other skills such as advanced file management, input / output operations, networking and handle errors and exceptions.

The course is included in the following category: ProgramováníTCL

Difficulty of the course: Advanced

Course duration: 1 day

Contents of the course:

  • File Manipulation, I/O operations (fconfigure, vwait, fileevent etc.)
  • Networking in Tcl, sockets
  • Error handling
  • Expect utilization
  • tcllib
  • Namespaces & variables vs. local (upvar, uplevel)
  • Package, interp

Expected knowledge:
Knowledge on level of course TCL1: TCL language - basics
Knowledge of the basic programming principles
Experience with other programming/scripting language

Time schedule: 9:00 - 17:00


Course dates:

No dates are listed.

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