Introduction to MS Excel for Beginners
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Introduction to MS Excel for Beginners (MSE0)

This one-day course is designed for quick familiarization with working environment in Microsoft Excel and provides to participants an ideal basic knowledge for further improvements and work with this powerful tool.

The course is included in the following category: Kancelářské aplikaceMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft Excel

Difficulty of the course: Beginner

Course duration: 1 day

Contents of the course:

  • Excel Introducing
    purpose and use, workspace, using
  • File
    Save, Open, Save As, type of Files
  • Working with data
    fill data, file, sheet, select cell, selection, Fill Series, Undo
  • Basic Calculation
    function, formula, using, summation, subtraction, multiplication, dividing, involution, evolution, percentage, average

Expected knowledge: User knowledge of Windows OS.

Time schedule: 9:00 - 17:00


Course dates:

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