MS Project - basic course
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MS Project - basic course (MSPJ)

The course is suitable not only for executives and project managers, but for all users who want to learn about a powerful tool for planning and effective project management.

Der Kurs ist den Kategorien zugeordnet: Kancelářské aplikace
Kancelářské aplikaceMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft Project

Kursstufe: Fortgeschritten

Course duration: 1 day


  • Project introducing
    purpose and use, workspace, display options, using
  • Files
    New Project, Save, Open, Save As
  • Establishing Project
    Start Date, Finish Date, Change Working Time, Calendars, unworking time, Exceptions, working time, Work Weeks
  • Tasks
    insert task, working with tasks, Estimated Task Duration, Tasks Links (Constrain tasks), Task Info
  • Resources
    definition, types and properties of resources, Resource Sheet, Add Resources, Assign Resources
  • Project view
    Project views, Gantt chart, Tracking Gantt, Gantt chart edit, Resource Sheet view, Task Usage view, Resource Usage view, Resource Graph, Network Diagram
  • Project management
    Baseline, Interim Plan, duration time, Percentage Complete, views and tracking
  • Print
    print, Report, Visual Reports, Table Reports
  • Info
    other informations, info resources

Erforderliche Kenntnisse: User knowledge of OS Windows



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