Microsoft OneNote
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Microsoft OneNote (MSON)

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Kursstufe: Anfänger

Course duration: 1 day


  • OneNote Introducing
    purpose and using, settings, using
  • Notebook
    How to create, Templates, How to create Page, How to create subpage, manage pages
  • Notes
    text notes, attachment, diagram, hyperlink, pictures, Record Audio, Record Video, others (Screen Clipping, Date, Time, Equation, Symbol …), Insert Space
  • Manage Notes
    notes searching, Planners template, To Do list, Tags, notes editting, linked notes
  • Outlook cooperation
    send to Outlook, e-mail sending, Meeting Details
  • Cooperation with other programs
    Excel Spreadsheet, Visio diagrams and drawing, Word texts
  • Others
    print, export (Word, PDF), send (e-mail, PDF)
  • Info
    other informations, info resources

Erforderliche Kenntnisse: User experience of using Microsoft Windows



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