MS Excel - Pivot tables and PowerPivot
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MS Excel - Pivot tables and PowerPivot (MSE2B)

This course is suitable for broadening and deepening knowledge of analytical skills in MS Excel spreadsheet. Students learn to make full use of PowerPivot - accessory for powerful data analysis and calculations.

Der Kurs ist der Kategorie zugeordnet: Kancelářské aplikaceMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft Excel

Kursstufe: expert

Course duration: 1 day


  • Pivot Table
    purpose and use, options and settings, How to create …
  • Design changes
    PivotTable Styles, PivotTable Style Options, Report Layout, Grand Totals, Subtotals
  • Analyze
    functions, Field Settings, Subtotals, Refresh, Change Data Source, Groups, Expand Field, Collapse Field
  • Filters
    AutoFilter, Slicer, Timeline
  • Calculation
    Calculated Field, Calculated Item
  • Power Pivot
    purpose and use, Add-Ins, PowerPivot repair, data types and file saving, data import, relationships, hierarchy, Pivot Table from PowerPivot
  • Informations
    other informations, info resources

Erforderliche Kenntnisse:
Knowledge of MS Excel on level of course MSE1: MS Excel - for beginners
Knowledge of creating formulas, using functions, evaluating expressions



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