MS Excel - for intermediate users
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MS Excel - for intermediate users (MSE2)

The course is suitable for broadening and deepening knowledge of MS Excel spreadsheet. The aim of the course is to teach students how to create complex tables with high graphical level, to present information in the form of graphs, and to fully and effectively exploit the possibilities of the program.

Der Kurs ist der Kategorie zugeordnet: Kancelářské aplikaceMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft Excel

Kursstufe: Fortgeschritten

Course duration: 2 days


  • Workspace
    workspace settings (bookmarks, buttons, Add-Ins)
  • Formula and Function
    purpose and use, formula, nested functions, Formula Auditing
  • Data Validation
    purpose and use, Settings, Input Message, Error Alert
  • Protection
    purpose and use, Protect Sheet, Cells protection, Formulas protection, File protection
  • Linking Data
    purpose and use, in sheet, between sheets, between files (How to use, possible problems and their solutions)
  • Pivot table
    purpose and use, settings, How to create
  • Pivot table editing
    Pivot table styles, style options, various design options of Pivot table, various options data view
  • Editing functionality
    function change, Reflesh, Change Data Source, Groups and Subtotals view
  • Filters
    AutoFilter, Slicer, Timeline
  • Calculations
    Calculated Field, Calculated Item
  • Power Pivot
    purpose and use, How to install (Add-Ins), repair, data types and saving files, Add to Data Model (import), relationship, creating hierarchies, Pivottable from Power Pivot
  • Info
    other informations, info resources.

Erforderliche Kenntnisse: User knowledge of MS Windows and knowledge on level of course MSE1: MS Excel - for beginners.

Der Kurspreis enthält auch Drucksachen im Wert von: 500 CZK

Zeitplan: 9:00 - 17:00



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