SAP services

SAP services


The implementation of IS SAP in an enterprise is not simple and its operation requires ongoing training of end users, but also employees of the system base and key users of implemented areas. It often happens that an experienced employee leaves the company and the new employee, who takes the place, may not have sufficient knowledge of the processes and system and requires additional training (it is not always beneficial to have another experienced employee to attend to such new employee who then neglects his/her work). Effective use of IS requires a good knowledge of control of this system. However, in the SAP system very few people know all useful features that the IS offers. Work is often performed according to usual practice that may not always be optimal. Lack of knowledge of all possibilities of the system causes that some activities and agendas are organized outside the SAP system in many businesses and must be addressed by a number of employees. In many cases, we have significantly increased the efficiency of some processes by extending the system features in various areas within our projects (especially in HR and logistics) and allowed saving high personnel costs.
It is increasingly confirmed that well trained users work efficiently with the SAP system, the error rate decreases and the quality is increasing. In our Training Centre, we offer courses that are focuses in this area. All training courses are run by consultants with experience from many projects. The courses include a number of practical examples based on the problems of participants. Upon request, the prepared course can be modified according to the customer’s specifications.

Our SAP courses are divided into the following areas:


Currently, the market of ERP systems is very saturated and large companies mainly have implemented the SAP system. In recent years, however, there has been an increasing number of projects that are rollouts of the parent companies. Companies, which have implemented or intend to implement the SAP system in this manner, are mostly dependant on their parent company and they do not have sufficient support and knowledge of the system. Here, it is possible to offer services that can be provided before or during implementation and then offer support for productive operation.

One of the most popular services currently required by our clients is, among other ones, problem consultation (especially in the field of HR, logistics and production, including personally challenging external agendas) with our experienced consultant. After a thorough analysis, a satisfactory solution associated with the use of other SAP features leading to streamlining of the processes and often to savings on labour is often found

In this field, we also offer the following services:

  • Consultation in the preparation of the tender for the supply of the IS
  • Processing of the feasibility study
  • Training of the project team using the AcceleratedSAP methodology
  • Provision of a project manager for the project
  • Provision of consultants for the implementation project
  • Consultation in system upgrades
  • Provisions of a manager for Project Quality Assurance
  • Provisions of support for productive SAP system
  • Audit of SAP process settings
  • Workshops and management games with simulation of business processes
  • Provision of certified specialists in IT projects