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Terms and Conditions

Commercial and order terms and conditions, billing and cancellation of a course

The customer signs up for a course through a binding application that can be in written or electronic form (e-mail, on-line web form at By submitting the binding application (order), a contractual relationship is established between our company and a participant in the training (company or natural person). Such binding application contains all the essential information – name and address of the participant (IČO – Identification Number), name, place, price, date of course etc. Based on such binding application and the actual completion of the course, an invoice for the payment of the course fee is sent to the participant or the relevant company. The participant (company) shall pay the invoice no later than by the due date, i.e. usually within 14 days.

We usually invoice after the completion of the course, because then we are sure that everything went well and to the full satisfaction of our clients. This way, we save ourselves and our clients time spent on processing of advance payment invoices.

Cancellation policy will vary depending on our specific customers. If the client cancels a training more than 6 working days before the start, we do not charge any fee. If the client notifies us of his/her absence 5 – 2 working days before the start of the training, we charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the training fee. If participation is cancelled 1 day or less before the start of the course, we charge full price to the client. In the case of our major corporate clients, in the event of non-notified absence and failure to secure a replacement participant or notified absence 1 days before the start of the course, we try to agree on invoicing for the training for the given date while the client’s participant will attend a replacement course free of charge. If the participant is excused more than 1 day in advance, we do not invoice for the training and try to agree on an alternative date.

If the training was organized only for the customer’s staff and it was necessary to cancel it at the given moment, we try to find another alternative date that is acceptable for everyone. We do not penalize our customers in this case. If we, in this case, spent funds for no purpose, e.g. equipment rental, accommodation for the lecturer, etc., we would try to agree with the client on compensation of our expenses on the next date of the course.

The Training Centre reserves the right to cancel the course 5 days before its start (e.g. due to a low number of registered students). In this case, all registered students will be notified immediately and an alternative date of the course will be agreed with them. If a student signs up for a course, for which there are not too many registered students, we try to agree on an individual course under the most favourable conditions for the client and acceptance conditions for us.