Programming with the Microsoft® .NET Framework Microsoft Visual C#™ .NET
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Programming with the Microsoft® .NET Framework Microsoft Visual C#™ .NET (MOC2349)

The goal of this course is to help application developers understand the Microsoft .NET Framework. In addition to offering an overview of the .NET Framework and an introduction to key concepts and terminology, the course provides a series of labs, which introduce and explain .NET Framework features that are used to code, debug, tune, and deploy applications.

The course is included in the following categories: ProgramováníC#
Microsoft Official Course

Difficulty of the course: Advanced

Course duration: 5 days

Contents of the course:

  • Overview of the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Introduction to a Managed Execution Environment
  • Working with Components
  • Deployment and Versioning
  • Common Type Systém
  • Working with Types
  • Strings, Arrays, and Collections
  • Delegates and Events
  • Memory and Resource Management
  • Data Streams and Files
  • Internet Access
  • Serialization
  • Remoting and XML Web Services

Expected knowledge: Before attending this course, students should be experienced professional software developers and have a basic understanding of the C# language. Students can meet the C# language prerequisite by taking. Course 2124, Introduction to C# Programming for the Microsoft .NET Platform.


Course dates:

This course is no longer in our offer. For more information or if you are interested in contact us at or phone +420 543 533 610.