Pokročilá Řešení Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2013
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Pokročilá Řešení Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2013 (MOC20332)

Tento pětidenní kurz se zabývá, plánováním, konfigurací a správy prostředí Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. Zejména jsou zde probírány oblasti: high availability, disaster recovery, service application architecture, Business Connectivity Services, social computing features, productivity and collaboration platforms and features, business intelligence solutions, enterprise content management, web content management infrastructure, solutions, and apps. Kurz rovněž zkoumá, jak optimalizovat Search experience, jak rozvíjet a realizovat Governance plan a jak provést upgrade nebo migraci na serveru SharePoint Server 2013.

The course is included in the following categories: Microsoft Official Course
Aplikační a serverové službySharePoint

Difficulty of the course: Advanced

Course duration: 5 days

Contents of the course:

  • Pochopení SharePoint Server 2013 Architektury
  • Návrh Business Continuity Management Strategies
  • Plánování a implementace architektury servisních aplikací
  • Konfigurace a správa Business Connectivity Services
  • Connecting People
  • Aktivování Productivity and Collaboration
  • Plánování a konfigurace Business Intelligence
  • Plánování a konfigurace Enterprise Search
  • Plánování a konfigurace Enterprise Content Management
  • Plánování a konfigurace Web Content Management
  • Správa řešení SharePoint Server 2013
  • Správa Apps for SharePoint Server 2013
  • Rozvoj plánu řízení
  • Upgrading and Migrating to SharePoint Server 2013

Expected knowledge: •Completed Course MOC20331: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, successful completion of Exam 70-331: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint 2013, or equivalent skills. •At least one year’s experience of mapping business requirements to logical and physical technical design. •Working knowledge of network design, including network security. •Experience managing software in a Windows 2008 R2 enterprise server or Windows Server 2012 environment. •Deployed and managed applications natively, virtually, and in the cloud. •Administered Internet Information Services (IIS). •Configured Active Directory for use in authentication, authorization and as a user store. •Managed an application remotely using Windows PowerShell 2.0. •Connected applications to Microsoft SQL Server. •Implemented Claims-based security.


Course dates:

04.03. 08.03.2019 Praha
24 700 CZK (without VAT)
04.03. 08.03.2019 Brno
24 700 CZK (without VAT)
25.03. 29.03.2019 Brno 24 700 CZK (without VAT) Order

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