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Mobile Iron (MIR)

One day training seminar suitable for all staff involved in the using and administration of MobileIron. The course will take a technical deep dive into the following:

The course is included in the following category: Mobile Device Management

Difficulty of the course: Advanced

Course duration: 2 days

Contents of the course:

  • MobileIron configuration and a microscopic view of the controls outlining the many options available.
  • Creating mobile IT policy for your organisation looking into best practices that address management and security concerns.
  • A granular look at all options available to your through the MobileIron solution taking into account different mobile operating systems.

Expected knowledge:


Course dates:

24.01. 25.01.2019 Praha
35 500 CZK (without VAT)
05.02. 06.02.2019 Brno
35 500 CZK (without VAT)
20.02. 21.02.2019 Praha 35 500 CZK (without VAT) Order
06.03. 07.03.2019 Brno 35 500 CZK (without VAT) Order
18.03. 19.03.2019 Praha 35 500 CZK (without VAT) Order