Fixed Assets in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009
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Fixed Assets in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 (MOC80256)

This one-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to set up all aspects the Fixed Assets granules available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV2009. This course demonstrates how to set up Fixed Assets, how to perform a wide variety of Fixed Asset transactions, as well as how to handle reclassification, maintenance, and insurance where Fixed Assets are concerned. A thorough understanding of these topics allows you to streamline your Fixed Asset depreciation and reporting processes by learning how to automate these routine activities. This course shows you how to accelerate data entry by copying Fixed Assets, it teaches you how to define default values that automatically populate data fields, and it shows you how to gather the information needed to make better business decisions by exploring powerful inquiry and reporting options.

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Course duration: 1 day


  • Module 1: Setting up Fixed Assets
    This module explains how to set up Fixed Assets in Microsoft Dynamics NAV2009. You examine the basics of the Fixed Assets granules that are available and how to do the basic setup.
    Fixed Assets Setup, Fixed Assets Posting Groups, Depreciation Books, FA Journal Templates, Fixed Asset Card, Main Assets and Asset Components, Record open transactions, Making duplicate entries, Copying fixed assets and FA ledger entries

  • Module 2: Fixed Asset Transactions
    This module explains how to perform a variety of Fixed Asset transactions.
    Journals for Fixed Assets, Purchasing Fixed Assets, Calculation and Posting Depreciation, Write-Down and Appreciation of Fixed Assets, Fixed Asset Disposals, Correction of Entries, Documenting Fixed Asset Transactions, Fixed Asset Reports, Budgeting Fixed Asset Transactions, Cost-Accounting Depreciation, Indexation, Minor Assets

  • Module 3: Fixed Asset Reclassifications
    This module explains how to use the Reclassification Journal by providing demonstrations of most common real-life situations. These include transferring a fixed asset to another location, splitting an asset, disposing of only a part of the asset, and combining two assets.
    Asset Transfers, Partial Disposal of an asset, Combining Assets

  • Module 4: Fixed Assets Maintenance
    This module explains how to set up the maintenance functionality and how to use this to its absolute potential.
    Setting up Maintenance Information, Maintenance, Registration and Costs, Maintenance Cost Reporting

  • Module 5: Fixed Assets Insurance
    This module explains how to set up insurance information, assign assets to insurance policies, monitor the insurance coverage, update insurance information, and index FA insurance.
    Setting up Insurance Information, Assigning Assets to Insurance Policies, Monitoring Insurance Coverage, Updating Insurance Information, Indexing Insurances

Erforderliche Kenntnisse:
General knowledge of Windows
Knowledge on level of course Microsoft Dynamics NAV2009 Application Setup training or on-line Tutorials
Basic knowledge of Fixed Assets and accounting principles



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